Colorist Podcast Episode 005: Terence Curren

October 17, 2016

In Episode 5 of the Colorist Podcast, Josh talks to well-known online editor & colorist Terence Curren about his work & other sujbects


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Colorist Podcast Episode 005

In this episode, I talk with Terence Curren, a Colorist and Online Editor in Los Angeles. He’s known for unscripted television shows like Project Runway, True Life, Ghost Hunters, and many others.

He got his start at the well-known post facility, Matchframe Video, as employee number one. At Matchframe, he was one of the first editors in LA to work with Avid Media Composer, Symphony, and DS. And to this day, he still colors and finishes his shows on a Symphony.

In 2002, after 16 years at Matchframe, he moved on to starting his own company, Alphadogs.

Many LA post production professionals are familiar with Alphadogs from their monthly meet-ups called The Editor’s Lounge. It’s been a hub for people to learn about new technologies, directly ask vendors questions, and socialize with other pros. It’s been a great resource for over 13 years and I’ve personally learned a ton from attending them.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • How starting in editing effects his approach to color
  • Running his own business from a colorist’s perspective
  • The commoditization of postproduction gear and how it changed the business
  • How and why the monthly Editor’s lounge started
  • Using an Avid in color workflows and why they can save time
  • A history lesson on the Avid DS and why it was killed
  • His thoughts on groups for colorists and how they can bring change
  • Baselight as a plugin within Avid
  • Using the keyboard and Wacom tablet instead of a panel


Editor’s Lounge

Terence’s IMDB

Follow Terence On Twitter

Enjoy the podcast!

– Josh

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