Colorist Podcast Episode 23

Colorist Podcast EP 023: NAB 2018

April 16, 2018

In this special installment of the Colorist Podcast Josh sits down with Jason Myers and discusses NAB 2018. The duo shares their thoughts on Blackmagic, Autodesk, & Film Light announcements as well as new grading monitors.


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On this special episode of the Colorist Podcast, we discuss the details of NAB 2018 from a colorist’s perspective. Joining me is my long time friend and Coloristos podcast partner, Jason Myres.

Back in 2012, Jason and co-hosted a podcast called “The Coloristos” with our friend Juan Salvo. Every year, we were excited about the announcements that came with every NAB. This one proved to be just as interesting and surprising as years past.

Jason is also known for creating one of the best places for colorists to interact on the internet, It’s the hub for colorists around the world to discuss software, hardware, inspiration, and techniques for colorists. Jason’s experience spans a wide variety of software and hardware platforms, which gives him a broad experience to draw on.

In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Blackmagic Design’s NAB announcements and how they effect colorists
  • The addition of Fusion to DaVinci Resolve
  • The IMF export spec and how it’s been adopted in different software
  • Improvements in Flame and Lustre 2018
  • BLG grades inside of Flame
  • Filmlight Baselight version 5 release across their entire platform
  • The state of color managed workflows and ACES
  • New grading monitors for NAB
  • Coloring in HDR and VR

Jason’s Website
The Coloristos

Enjoy the podcast!


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