Colorist Podcast Episode 23

Colorist Podcast Episode 019: 2017 Year In Review

December 15, 2017

In the last installment for 2017, the Colorist Podcast looks back at some key moments from the series this year with a year in review highlights episode


Editor’s Note:

The Colorist Podcast is an interview series produced & recorded by Mixing Light contributor Josh Petok. is a paid sponsor of the Colorist Podcast & we only republish (aggregate) the content here for our members to enjoy.

On this episode of the Colorist Podcast, we take a look back at 2017. So much has happened this past year in the world of the colorist. Blackmagic unveiled two new affordable panels, as well as releasing Resolve 14. Filmlight continues to innovate, and shipped version 5 of Baselight. UHD and HDR are gaining wide adoption, with new content being available every day.

I recently had the opportunity to go back and review every podcast from this past year. I couldn’t believe all the talented people that made time to sit and talk with me. Colorists that worked on films from Lord of the Rings to Saving Private Ryan, TV shows NCIS Los Angeles and Planet Earth II, and commercials for Coca-Cola and Levi’s. We delved into many different topics, like collaborating with DP’s, working in foreign countries, and emerging technologies like HDR.

In this podcast, I’ve included some of my favorite insights from 2017:

  • Peter Doyle: Working on films that vary visually and conceptually
  • Dave Abrams: HDR and it’s effect on calibration
  • Warren Eagles: Film stocks and how they relate to digital cameras today
  • Bob Festa: Working with clients and getting them to come back for more
  • Alexis Van Hurkman: Techniques for working with HDR
  • Dale Grahn: Developing looks for The Ring and Saving Private Ryan
  • Juan Cabrera: Collaborating with Directors and DP’s in the suite
  • Adam Inglis: Working with nature footage in Planet Earth II
  • Patrick Woodard: Being flexible and working efficiently in television
  • Vanessa Taylor: Working in a foreign country and overcoming language barriers

Enjoy the podcast!



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