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Baselight Start to Finish – Project Creation & Conform

May 23, 2020

Everything you need to know from project creation to starting your grade including, colour management, project management & Scene Detection


Get Ready To Grade

Setting Up Your Colour Space Journey And Conforming The Commercial

In this Insight, we are going back to the very beginning and starting from project creation to being ready to start grading.

We’ll take a look at

  • Using the Job Manager for project creation and management
  • Setting up & viewing a colour space journey
  • Custom formats
  • Conforming via scene detection
  • Manually checking and correcting missed cut points

In the Insight, I mention a video that Andy from Filmlight has put together that does an amazing job of describing how T-CAM works and why it’s very usual to work that way.

Check out his video below:

YouTube video

Comments Please!

I’m always extra excited to hear comments on these Insights as I can make sure to cover any questions in the next part.


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    • Raul F. Ballester

      This is super helpful, Dan. Thanks a lot

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