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Jonny Elwyn is a freelance film editor and writer, sharing his learnings on all things Post Production at and also publishes a weekly concise email at

As a freelance film editor, Jonny works for a diverse range of clients, handling everything from on-set rushes and offline editorial to the final sound mix and colour grade. He is also the author of How To Be A Freelance Creative, a deeply practical guide to building a successful freelance career.

Tutorials by Jonny Elwyn

Quick Tip: Exploring The Infinite Images Machine Learning Tool

Fill a vertical 9:16 image into a 16:9 horizontal frame - by painting it in using's 'Infinite Image' machine learning tool.

5 Ways To Start Editing A Scene - And Then Finish Strong

Editor Jonny Elwyn shares five tested methods for starting from a blank timeline, even with overwhelming footage, while keeping things tight.

Freelance Editing Tips: Setting Up Premiere Pro from Scratch

As a freelance editor, what are the first few settings you need to optimize when working on a client's computer - so you can work 'at speed'?

How To Edit Successfully With A Client In The Room

We welcome freelance editor Jonny Elwyn to Mixing Light! His first Insight shares his strategies for successful client-attended sessions.

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