Look Inspiration – Cold Commercial Look

Look Inspiration – Cold Commercial Look

December 10, 2015

A cold commercial look can help bring bright natural commercial into a moody and grungy world


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Look Inspiration – Cold Commercial Look

Making It Cool And Moody


My machine is repaired and I’m back on track so we now return to our regularly scheduled insights!

Time to dive right back into my series on look inspiration and revisit my commercial setup.

I was initially planning on using a different shot but thought it was a great example of showing off how two wildly different looks can make a shot feel very different.

The key to a cold grade for me is not to add blue! Everyone always adds lots of blue when trying to make something feel cool.

I always start by subtracting things from the image which in this case is using my offset control to pull lots of red out of my image

As always I tried to find a beautifully graded reference commercial to match to and I think the Sainsburys Christmas 2014 commercial graded by the amazingly talented Aubrey Woodiwiss is a great example of a great cool commercial grade.

Check out the commercial below and then check out my looks in the video insight below!


– Dan


Look Inspiration – Cold Commercial Look

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