Trimming RED Footage Using DaVinci Resolve’s Media Manager

July 19, 2013

Learn how you can trim RED footage and copy to your hard drive only the portions of your clips needed to recreate your timeline, saving hard drive space.

Tapeless acquisition is, of course, awesome – but it has one big problem -people shoot WAY to much! These days its not uncommon for me to get drives from clients that have TB of data on them. Now of course, in many situations I can cut these situations off at the pass by asking clients to media manage or consolidate projects so I don’t have to transfer all of the original footage on to my system even though we’re using just a very small portion of all that media.

However, there are some formats like RED for example, that most editorial applications can’t trim. In the past, I used RED CINE X to trim RED footage but R3D trimming is now built into Resolve and its a feature that many aren’t familiar with.

In this movie, I’ll show you how to use DaVinci Resolve to trim RED footage so that instead of moving TB of data from a client transfer drive you can instead move to your drives only the footage thats needed to conform a sequence you need to grade. If you work with on a lot of RED projects trimming clips is a big time saver.

– Robbie

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Homepage Forums Trimming RED Footage Using DaVinci Resolve’s Media Manager

  • Taylre Jones

    Yes! Awesome!

  • That is nice Robbie, but working on these new trimmed clips, what if the client asks you to deliver back the graded clips with 10, 20 or more handle frames ? Because now that the clips are trimmed to the exact edit, you don’t have any extra room left, am I wrong ? Or maybe there is a way to set handles while trimming clips ?

  • RobbieCarman

    Holy Smokes Christophe! My sincere apologies – not sure how I missed your comment!

    Great question. Yeah this is a bit confusing. When using the trim tool there doesn’t appear like there is any option to trim but WITH handles. However there is its just hidden, and I should have explained this a bit in the video – but I didn’t so I’ll do it now!

    If you open the project settings (cog icon) and then go over to the editing page there is an option for default handle length. Punch in what ever you want here – I think it defaults to 24 frames but you could make it more if needed. Then when you trim Resolve will respect that handle length and then you are able to render with handles if needed.

    To verify – after trimming just choose to show clips with handles from the view menu.

    Hope this helps and sorry again for the extremely late response!

  • You’re welcome Robbie, and indeed, not very intuitive how to set handles. Having a way to work with only the edited material (plus handles) is key when it comes to R3D footage. So thank you to have cleared things up!

  • Mel Matsuoka

    What’s the Secret Sauce™ for trimming and conforming R3D clips that are used in multiple instances within a trimmed timeline? I’m working on a job that was shot using very long takes, and the editor used multiple, small portions of each take in the final edit. This results in trimmed R3D .RDC folders that are appended with “_S000”, “_S001”, et. al., for each used instances of the original source clip. This is great, but no matter how much I screw around with the Conform options in Resolve, I can’t get it to figure out which specific instance of the trimmed versions of the clip it should be relinking to.

    The “Import clips using Tight Filename Match” workflow explained on page 366 of the Resolve 11 manual also doesn’t work for this scenario as well.

    Any tips on how to get this to work?

  • RAMI

    if the source clip is 3mins and the clip in the AAF or the XML only 10sec so it will copying the whole the 3mins or just the 10sec ? and if it copy10sec Is that with handle ?

  • leva.tolstoy.1976

    Hi. Cant find this function in 12 version.

  • Patrick Inhofer

    It’s now called the ‘Media Manager’.

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