Color Correction Looks - Creating The 7D Korean Horror Look

Color Correction Looks – Creating The 7D Korean Horror Look

July 18, 2013

If you're looking to create a Look and want something a bit different (and even noisy)... here's how you can create the 'Korean Horror' Look.


An Inside Look at Creating the Korean Horror Look

I thought it would be great fun to take a grade from a real session I did with a DOP and Director and share it with you guys. The source is 7d material that was shot with quite a nasty orange cast that made the image seem very flat and the blood and atmosphere was lost. I went for quite a grungy green-tinted grade that embraced the noise instead of hiding it.

In the video, I will step you through all my nodes and you get to see how messy my nodes get when there are clients involved! In this video, I focused more on the break down than sharing which buttons I pushed so if you do have questions or feedback please do post them in the comments and I’ll be able to help you out!

– Dan

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  • Vladimír Bobenič

    Hi, mess of nodes…same with me too:D Then i clean up and label the
    nodes and use whole correction for remaining shots in the scene and do tweaking. Do more
    videos like this! Thanks

  • Dan Moran

    Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll do my best to do more videos like this!

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