How To Paint, Track, and Remove A Logo In DaVinci Resolve 15's Fusion Page

How To Paint, Track, and Remove A Logo In DaVinci Resolve 15’s Fusion Page

July 16, 2018

Learn how to track DaVinci Resolve 15's non-destructive paint tools in Fusion. Plus, get a tip for viewing a color grade inside Fusion.

Using and Manipulating Fusion’s Paint Tools

In my mind, the integration of Fusion into DaVinci Resolve 15 is one of the most exciting things to happen to the software since Blackmagic acquired it. The added finishing and compositing capability is already letting people like me (who wear multiple hats – not only as a colorist but also as an online editor and finisher) push the limits of what we can offer our clients. And if you’re a full-time colorist who doesn’t have the luxury of an assistant doing this work on your behalf – you are likely to benefit from learning this workflow.

When I published my first Fusion Insight – I wanted to give colorists who haven’t touched Fusion a good introduction to how it works, and a starting point to learn more. This Insight  expands on the first, by diving deeper into a real-world application of Fusion that a lot of you were asking about in the comments: The Paint tools.

About Fusion’s Vector-Based Paint Toolset

Fusion's paint tool is vector based and non-destructive
Fusion’s vector paint is extremely flexible, powerful, and non-destructive.

One of the coolest things about Fusion is its vector paint and graphics tools. Unlike many other paint tool-sets out there, Fusion’s paint is totally non-destructive. Any paint stroke can be manipulated after it is drawn, with no loss in quality. This gives it a very high level of flexibility, but also a bit of a learning curve. To show you how it works, I walk you through using the paint tool to remove a moving logo.

In this Insight, you learn:

  • How to use a monitoring LUT to preview your color grade inside Fusion
  • The basics of how Fusion’s paint tool operates
  • How to make, modify, group, and manipulate paint strokes.
  • How to use the clone brush to paint out a logo
  • How to link that paint stroke to a tracker, to paint out the logo for an entire shot.

(Thanks to Steve Greenstein for the use of a shot from his film The Mighty Atom in this insight!)

Comments or Questions on Fusion?

We are planning a lot more Fusion Insights, so please drop by the comments and let us know what other subjects you want us to cover!


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Homepage Forums How To Paint, Track, and Remove A Logo In DaVinci Resolve 15’s Fusion Page

  • Hans Petter Birkeland

    Hi again,
    I’m trying to follow along on my own material here, but I have a bit of trouble with the tracker. First of all, I can’t monitor it. When I assign either Viewer 1 or Viewer 2 to the tracker, the viewer looses its image. Secondly, when I try to track I just get a “Warning! Render did not complete! Last frame successfully rendered: (none) (Desired range: 0.0 to 54.0)”

    Any ideas what’s wrong? This is Resolve Studio 15 on Mac.

  • Joey D’Anna

    Hi – Looks like you are connecting the output of your mediain node to the mask (blue) input. Thats why you can’t monitor or track it. Connect to the yellow input, which is the background – and you should be good to go.

  • Paul Corneille

    Fusion is a killer functions in me resolve. Nice tutorial I am use to use fusion standalone since long time and your explanation for beginners are very good. I suggested to few friensf yours tutorials.

  • Chrystal S

    The tracker doesn’t work for me at all. I am trying to clone a wheel on a car and after I paint I try and track and the paint job just moves with the camera. I have everything set up exactly how you appear to have your node tree. So frustrating!

  • Joey D’Anna

    Hi Chrystal – could you share a screengrab of your node tree? I can have a look and see if I can spot anything wrong.

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