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Look Inspiration – Adding To The Narrative In A Flashback

January 12, 2016

Sometimes we need to add more to our image to sell a flashback. Dan shares his tips for a firey look and adding diffusion and motion blur.


Just a note: I’ve just moved house and need to do a little tweaking with my audio setup so apologies if my machine is a little loud in this one!

I love grading this footage but unless I have any more particular look requests I think this will be my last insight using it.

To challenge myself further I thought how can I use grading to add to this scene?

My initial thought was to add a flashback feel using both diffusion and motion effects.

After starting this I was inspired to try and add a feeling of a nighttime battle that was interrupted with bright orange as bombs went off and the battlefield was set alight.

It may be a slightly cheesy look but I quite enjoyed making it!

We will be taking this footage from a nighttime feel :

To This Firey Blast Feeling :


DRX Look Files

Last but not least download my node graphs below (accessible to active, logged-in members of the Insights Library). I have exported various stages of the grade from start to finish so you can try them all out.

Download Dan’s DRX Look Files Here

Now that you have everything check out my video below and get grading!


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  • Thanks for the insight.

    I guess now in resolve 12 if you have 2 separate power grades you can create compound nodes of them and cross fade the key output as well to transition.

  • Thanks Dan, nice one!
    I got a question:
    Watching your cold commercial look, then warm commercial look and series with war footage.
    How would you go about managing your grade over the whole project? Say it’s 3-5 min, or a short film, or even a feature?
    Or another case, say it was that actual commercial that was a reference for warm commercial look(slightly processed look, with girl dancing, I’m typing on phone can’t recall actual title, sorry)
    Thanks, hope question make sense 😄

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