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HDR Essentials: Vocabulary & Workflow Webinar

May 15, 2020

In this Mixing Light Webinar replay, join Mixing Light co-founder Robbie Carman as he explores HDR essentials, including vocabuarly & workflow


High Dynamic Range Need To Know

In the age of Covid-19, Mixing Light continues to try new things.  Our members only Slack workspace continues to thrive, and our first live webinar last week exceeded expectations and this week we’re back at it with a new live webinar.

In this installment of our new webinar series, Mixing Light co-founder Robbie Carman discusses HDR vocabulary, standards, and workflows and member questions for just over two hours!

Building on the success of our first webinar, for this one we expanded the amount of attendees and we’re excited to have nearly 200 people join us to learn a little bit about HDR.  

This Insight is a replay of that webinar and will be free to the public for the next 7 days and after that will be a members only – behind the paywall Insight .

We apologize this coming out one Friday 5/15/20 instead of the day after the webinar – as you probably know, Zoom (our webinar host) has been slammed with traffic since early March and it took them a few days to process the recording of our latest webinar.  But its now ready for you to enjoy!

Foundational HDR Knowledge

It’s next to impossible in two hours to provide you with all the info you’d need to be become a HDR guru – and actually that’s not the point of this webinar.

Instead, Robbie shares need to know vocabulary, and information about monitoring, standards, workflows and how to get setup for an HDR workflow in DaVinci Resolve.

This webinar is all about essential information that you’ll need for future webinars we’ll put on including:

  • A deep dive into Dolby Vision Workflow
  • Using Dolby Professional Tools and the new Dolby Encoding Engine (DEE)
  • HDR mastering & Packaging
  • Creative approaches to HDR grading

What You’ll Learn In This Webinar

Over two hours, Robbie covers important aspects of HDR.  Some of these things might reenforcement of things you already know, but may of them, are hopefully data points that can help you build your HDR knowledge.

In this webinar Robbie will discuss:

  • What HDR is, and What it Isn’t
  • Must know HDR terms
  • Consumer & professional HDR monitoring
  • HDR acquisition
  • The HDR postproduction pipeline
  • HDR standrads
  • Getting setup for HDR grading in DaVinci Resolve

The first 80 minutes of this webinar is Robbie’s presentation laying the essential groundwork you need to know to have an educated discussion talking about HDR. The last 40 or so minutes Robbie explores essential HDR setup in DaVinci Resolve as well as covers many attendee questions including:

  • Is tone mapping automatic?  How can I control tone mapped deliverables?
  • Can the Resolve viewer be used for accurate HDR monitoring?
  • When will affordable HDR reference monitoring be available?
  • Why are there SDR deliverables in HDR workflows?
  • How does color management play a role in HDR workflow?
  • What do distributors want for HDR deliverables
  • And much more!
Additional HDR Resources On Mixing Light (and beyond)
  • Flight Path: What Is HDR & Dolby Vision & How Do I Create It? – Mixing Light has been a leader in HDR education for years – from our initial explorations of HDR workflows to cataloging the Dolby Vision workflow, we have many Insights on HDR. Our HDR flight paths are the best place to get started to explore the essentials of HDR.  With that said we’re keen to expand our HDR training so keep an eye out for even more HDR training this year.
  • HDR Volumetric Accuracy – Check out the last section in this informative article from Steve Shaw at Light
  • Dolby Institute Tutorial Series – Learn HDR & Dolby Vision Essentials from Robbie & Joey.Last year Mixing Light produced a free series for the Dolby Institute on getting up to speed with Dolby Vision – all that’s needed to access the videos is your email address.

Update: Several times in reference to Dolby Vision trims, Robbie refers to making a 500 nit trim. This is currently not possible. While the Dolby Vision algorithm will scale from mastering level to 100 nits with base level analysis (L1 metadata) Dolby provides a 600 nit trim level and not a 500 nit one. As Robbie mentioned towards the end of the webinar Dolby has hinted at the possibility of user defined trim levels but that functionality is not yet available at the time of this recording.  

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