Warm Looks: Yellow Warmth Vs Red Warmth (which are you?)

November 12, 2016

Warm looks don't always have to be rosy red and cozy looking. Take a look at a non-traditional warm color and learn how to add it to your color toolkit.


Looks can sometimes be very simply broken down into large categories and one of the most basic is warm looks vs cool looks? Of course, we ask that in a much more complex way so our clients know that we have spent countless painless hours researching these amazing looks.

I was watching the latest John Lewis Christmas ad in the UK, which is our equivalent of the super bowl for advertising, and loved the yellow warm look.

It made me realise that I almost NEVER go for a yellow warmth.

I thought investigating this would make a fun insight!

Some Examples

Before we jump into my video insight below have a watch of my favourite examples of yellow warmth and then an example of my traditional style of warmth.

First up is the John Lewis Christmas ad for 2016 expertly graded by Jean-Clement at MPC.

John Lewis Christmas #Buster the Boxer from Factory Studios on Vimeo.

In contrast to that, you have a video I graded a couple of years ago that I would say is my traditional warmth. If you skip ahead to 2:05 you’ll see exactly what I mean!

Is It Just Me?

So is it just me that tends to drift towards red and orange when grading warm instead of yellow?

I’d love to know your opinion on this so please drop me a comment below!



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