Smirnof Commercial

Commercial Breakdown – Smirnoff

September 30, 2014

Dan takes a look at his latest commercial grade and shares the thinking and techniques behind the grades.


I just completed one of my biggest grades to date!

The project was  an international spot for Smirnoff Vodka, which was a great adventure and a lot of fun to grade.

In this Insight, I’m going to share as much as possible with you as I can about my work on this job.

Unfortunately, I can’t show before and afters but what I can do, is talk about the decisions and thoughts that went into each scene.

The commercial was shot on Red Dragon and we worked natively off the r3d files in Resolve. At one point in the timeline (the big sliding scenes) we had 28 layers of video going on so it was an interesting challenge!

I rendered out full res DPX files for the VFX guys as there was extensive camera tracking and post work to be done so we decided working at full resolution was the safest option.

Once I finished the grade and rendered it onto a hard drive it was sent with a runner on a plane to LA as the deadline was so tight!

I’ve added some information below about the director and dop and then check out the video below for my commentary on the grade!

–  Dan

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