Colorist Podcast Episode 23

Colorist Podcast 014: Juan Ignacio Cabrera

July 14, 2017

in this installment of the Colorist Podcast, Josh talk to colorist Juan Ignacio Cabrera about his work on cutting edge projects & many other subjects.


Editor’s Note:

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On this episode of the Colorist Podcast, I talk with Juan Ignacio Cabrera, CSI. Juan has worked on the films Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Transformers: Age of Extinction. He’s been credited as a stereographer, colorist, compositor, and visual effects supervisor.

Juan got his start in the visual effects industry in Spain, starting his own business at 17 years old. He later moved to the US and was hired at Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures. Currently, he runs his own boutique facility, Lightbender Post, as Founder and Senior Colorist. His projects span everything from features, television, streaming, and video games.

On this podcast, we talk about:

  • Translating the skills of visual effects to color grading
  • Completing or enhancing vfx in a color application
  • Working with SGO Mistika as his color tool of choice
  • Improvements to color grading applications
  • Color managed workflows with ACES
  • HDR and when it will gain wide acceptance
  • Working in a big facility compared to running your own shop
  • Low budget versus high budget projects
  • Working with directors and DP’s
  • Essential business skills colorists should have
  • Why he joined the Colorist Society International
  • Advice for up and coming colorists

Juan’s Company
Juan’s IMDB

Enjoy the podcast!


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