Colorist Inspiration – November

November 9, 2015

Its time for the big christmas ads to roll out and more colorist inspiration. Dan share's some of the top work and one of his own.


Colorist Inspiration – November

The Winner!

A couple of months ago I listed the nominations for the best grading at the UK Music Video awards and last week we had a winner announced.

If you haven’t checked out the nominations yet please check out my previous insight here and watch them all before scrolling down and seeing the winner.

My feeling is that people normally vote for the most visibly/heavily graded project rather than the best looking.

I’m curious to see what fellow colorists think and will explain more below the winning video!

Apart from the winner I’m back with another month of colorist inspiration.

‘Tis the season to be jolly and here in the UK the christmas ad’s have started landing.

In my opinion the UK big stores christmas commercials are like the USA’s Super Bowl ads. They spend the most money of the year on these commercials so lets get inspired by some beautiful grades!


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  • The sky movies spot was shot anamorphic so you know you have to stick with a film look.

    Seems like in all the spots the lens choice depicted the grade the sky movies and man on the moon spots were shot with vintage glass and are graded more filmic. The boots and your spot where shot with more optically perfect glass and graded such. In listening to some DOP podcasts like the wandering DP, It seems like many DOPs really try to bake in a look in camera in order to prevent the colorist form changing their vision of the project.

  • Scott Stacy

    Well … I’m like’n the grades on Boots – Christmas 2015 (crisp … traditional … punch) and your Cadbury commercial (doesn’t have a digital look to me); and, I am partial to chocolate covered Alexa footage. John Lewis’ – Man On The Moon is really very pleasing – especially the moon shots. Frankly, I didn’t notice the dark magenta skin tone first run though until you pointed out … I was paying attention to the story. After watching for a second pass, I wondered if the director might have been pushing to build in some kinda ethic angle – not sure what ethnicity, though. Good fun. Thanks, Dan.

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