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Colorist Inspiration – Best Color Grade Nominations

October 1, 2015

The 2015 Best Color Grade nominations are out and Dan wants to know who you would vote for and award best music video grade of 2015!


Colorist Inspiration – Best Color Grade Nominations

The Best Music Video Grades Of The Year


The nominations for the UK Music Video Awards are out today and it is the annual chance to take a look at the best work coming out of the music video world.

I thought I would do an extra bonus insight and showcase the work.

I also thought it would be an amazing idea if Mixing Light members would vote on which video they think deserves to win and more importantly why?

Best grading is always such a hard category to pick the winner from as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I’d love to see as colourists who we vote as the winner compared to the actual winner!

Please do comment below and pick your favorite and why!

In the interest of fairness I won’t post any thoughts on the winner until we have all voted.

Also look out for my regular insight coming out later today!


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Homepage Forums Colorist Inspiration – Best Color Grade Nominations

  • Scott Stacy

    Naughty Boy ft Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin – Runnin’ (Lose It All)

  • Lapalux ft Andreya Triana – Puzzle

  • Stefan Seul

    Since I’m in Germany, I can only see the Lapalux & Brooker-Videos. The Lapalux is more pleasing to me. Yellow and blue are nearly similar to the ones I saw yesterday night in theater: “Eddie the Eagle” is a well coloured and stylized film. Like in “Eddie the Eagle”, it remains vintage while looking top-notch and modern at the same time. Great.

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