Colorist Inspiration – August 2017

August 4, 2017

Dan is turning 30 and shares his work from across the years to show how his grading has evolved and improved year after year


Welcome to a very special version of Colorist Inspiration.

I’m turning 30 on the 10th of August and figured it was a great time to look back on how I’ve progressed as a colorist since I first started.

I was quite lucky to start in post production when I was 19 so I’ve been grading for quite a while at this stage.

We all want to turn into superstar colorists overnight but hopefully by sharing work from different stages of my career (even the embarrassing ones) it can help show that sticking with grading pays off over time.

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    Happy early birthday, Dan! Two days later, I’ll crack 63. Seems so strange to have such a high number these days, how the Hades did that happen?

    A joy to see your path through post … you’ve grown tremendously over the years. And I appreciate the honesty in dealing with youthful … passions? (lol) … growing in knowledge & craft, growing in Understanding of Life … and it all affects the grade, doesn’t it?

    (Talking of Pat & Robbie … never let ’em forget … you’re a Colourist … they’re only colorists … !)

  • Marty Webb

    Happy Birthday!
    This is a really interesting article! I can see a lot of similarities between where you’ve been and where I’m going. I started with Avid DS as well. I don’t miss it though!

    I’m new to the UK actually. I was grading a fair bit of nice commercial work back home but it’s proving tough to break into here. In the months Ive been here I’ve done a feature doco and a heap of reality/lifestyle work. That’s all well and good but it’s a little more focused on correction rather than grading, which I find much more fulfilling.

    Got any tips for someone who’s new to the market over here?

  • Thanks for sharing an update on your journey, Dan. As someone who is also in the age range, its extremely inspirational to see such incredible progress.

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