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Colorist Inspiration: August 2015

August 25, 2015

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Colorist Inspiration – August 2015

The Best Grades From Around The World

The world of color grading is mostly a thankless craft. Regular viewers don’t even know we exist and most of the time when images look amazing the DOP gets the credit.

With that in mind this is a collection of some of the most beautiful grades I’ve seen recently. So we can all appreciate each other and be inspired by some inspirational images.

I’ve tried to include grades that cover both technical greatness and beautiful images.

I’m guilty of focusing on short form a bit too much as that’s my area so I promise I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more long form for the next batch of inspiration.

The grades are not necessarily from August this year but I’d like to feature inspiration more regularly here on mixing light so expect more regular monthly colorist appreciation!

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    • RAMI A

      That is really nice article Dan

    • Paul W

      Always love Jean-Clément Soret’s work, he’s a big inspiration to me.

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