Better Streaming Sessions Part 3: The ATEM Streaming Bridge

July 1, 2021

Learn how to set up and use an ATEM Streaming Bridge to create a high quality, color accurate and low latency video link over the internet


The Last Piece of The ATEM Puzzle

In this series – I’ve shown you how to use ATEM Switchers to add production value to live streamed sessions. Then in part two, we got more advanced with macros and remote control.

Finally – using a new feature in Resolve 17 – I explained how you can now control a remote Resolve system with your panel.

All of this adds up to some really powerful remote workflow possibilities – but up until now, they have all relied on substandard and/or color inaccurate ways to display video. From live streaming with Zoom or other conferencing services – to using web based solutions on computer monitors, these solutions simply don’t offer a color accurate SDI video signal.

Streaming Bridge To The Rescue

For a long time, a color accurate SDI stream over the internet has been the exclusive domain of services that charge by the hour and need expensive hardware. Well, last year Blackmagic came out with a solution to this: the ATEM Streaming Bridge.

The ATEM Streaming Bridge is a low cost, broadcast quality TCP/IP based streaming device. Image courtesy Blackmagic Design.

Using any of the pro level ATEM switchers (the Mini Pro, Mini Pro ISO, Extreme, or Extreme ISO) you can connect your output to a streaming bridge anywhere in the world. The Streaming Bridge will output a high quality, color accurate and low latency video signal to either an SDI or HDMI output.

In this Insight I’ll walk you through setting up and using an ATEM Streaming bridge, including:

  • Network setup
  • Port Forwarding
  • Verifying connectivity
  • Exporting streaming settings and importing them to an ATEM switcher
  • Live streaming and controlling with a stream deck or the ATEM panel

As always leave any comments or questions below!



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