Better Streaming Sessions Part 2: Macros and Stream Decks

June 2, 2021

In Part 2 of his series, Joey shows you how to take remote color sessions to the next level by adding macros & remote control to your ATEM switcher setup


Making The Most Of The Blackmagic ATEM

In Part 1 of this series, I showed you how I use an ATEM Mini switcher to add production value and utility to remote streaming sessions. I think it’s a great way to keep remote clients connected and engaged with your session. Smoothing out streaming’s rough edges can also ease a client’s mind and help them focus on what really matters – collaborating with you to nail their creative vision.

In this Insight, I’m going to expand on using switchers – by showing you how to optimize the ATEM with macros and with a free program called Companion.

Macros & Remote Control

Macros are a feature built-in to the ATEM. They help you turn a lot of clicks and actions into a single button, making switching setups or sequencing events a breeze.

While the ATEM panel itself has limited control – the switcher can be fully controlled over the network. That’s where Bitfocus Companion comes in. Companion is free software that allows an Elgato Stream Deck, or a web-connected tablet, to fully control your ATEM.

BitFocus Companion makes controlling your ATEM easy – and lets you completely customize your button layout.

In this Insight – I’ll walk you through

  • Recording and using macros in the ATEM software
  • Configuring Companion to control your ATEM
  • Building Stream Deck layouts for live switching
  • Showing real-time feedback on the Stream Deck
  • Controlling Companion via the web on a tablet

This is a face-paced Insight and we cover a lot of ground if anything doesn’t make sense or you have any questions please use the comments below!


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  • Carey D

    Hey Joey, Kudos for a fantastic insight. And for turning me on to Bitfocus companion. I want to do some reconfiguring now to use it and better optimize my setups. I run the ATEM software controller on my vMix/zoom et al machine, not on workstation so it has it’s own Stream Deck separate from the other ones connected to my color workstation. I suppose there is some opportunity for some cross-control though using Bitfocus over the network since it has it’s own server. I’ll have to think about this a bit and come up with something cool. Once again, I’m left inspired. Thanks Joey.

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