Performance Optimization in DaVinci Resolve – Webinar

May 26, 2020

Creative decision-making on a stuttering timeline is no fun. Learn what you need to know about playback performance within DaVinci Resolve

How to increase real-time playback in DaVinci Resolve

Creative decision-making on a stuttering timeline is no fun. Luckily, Resolve has the technology to help you beat the real-time blues!

In this webinar, colorist & Mixing Light contributor Jason Bowdach explores everything you need to know about improving your playback performance within DaVinci Resolve. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a high-powered server or an older laptop or in the free version of Resolve.

By the end of this webinar, you learn:

  • Why real-time playback is important and how to judge playback performance within DaVinci Resolve.
  • An explanation of multiple performance optimization features offered in Resolve, such as caching, optimized media, performance mode, and proxy mode.
  • How to choose your type of storage for cache files?
  • How do you develop a performance-optimization strategy for your specific workflow and hardware?
  • Are there performance optimizations differences between the Mac and PC versions of DaVinci Resolve?
  • How Resolve allows you to work with Optimized media or Proxy resolutions while defaulting to high-quality renders on the Render page.
  • What is the difference between Smart Cache and User Cache?
  • How do you decide which nodes to set as Node Cache?
  • Tips for caching the output of the Fusion and Color pages.
  • How you can mix and match optimization strategies for best results.
  • What does it mean if you run out of GPU Memory?
  • Tips on selecting the ‘Performance Mode’ options in Resolve preferences.
  • How does caching interact with RAW media settings?
  • How to discover what project a set of render cache folders is for?
  • Deleting, archiving, and cleaning up optimized and render cache media.

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