Edit Faster With 10 Keyboard Tips & Tricks For DaVinci Resolve

July 28, 2022

Learn 10 essential keyboard shortcuts you can bind on the DaVinci Resolve edit page to speed up your editing workflow.

Ten shortcuts you should map to your editing keyboard

DaVinci Resolve has grown from a dedicated color grading system, to what I believe is now the fastest and most versatile creative editorial software on the market. I’ve transitioned every bit of my editorial work into Resolve and never want to go back to any other NLE.

A big part of that transition was learning how to best use Resolve’s incredible interactive speed in the timeline with shortcuts. Unfortunately, the more I edited in Resolve, the more I realized that a ton of great functions were hidden in menus and not bound to keys by default.

The great news is – Resolve’s keyboard shortcut editor lets you map any function in any menu to a key – and with that I dove into developing my ideal editing keyboard layout.

Key take-aways from this Insight

In this Insight, you’ll learn my top tips for accelerating your Edit Page tasks – with the ultimate goal of reducing your need to mouse around in the user interface. By the end of this Insight you should know:

  • Where to enable the ‘focus’ preference for confident keyboard-based commands
  • How to use auto track selectors from the keyboard to speed up every clip/track selection that governs major edit tool behaviors
  • The multiple trimming and selection functions that don’t have default keys mapped
  • How to save/load multiple keyboard layouts for different workflows
  • How to instantly open/close different Edit Page palettes in the moment that you need them
  • The advantages of using custom shortcuts for managing multiple timelines and accessing timeline settings

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– Joey

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