How to Get Faster at Color Correction

How to Get Faster at Color Correction

April 15, 2015

Do you want to get faster at Color Correction? Part 3 of our series gives you solid tips for increasing your daily shot count.


Part 3: How to Get Faster at Color Correction

Solid Workflow Tips for Increasing Your Daily Shot Count

Imagine you have the opportunity to color correct a big job—and the deadline is really really tight. You’ve taken my advice and you know your Personal Shot Count. But the math doesn’t work. You literally can’t get the job done in the time allotted… at least not to the level of detail you put into your work.

Are there strategies for getting faster at color correction and increase your Personal Shot Count?

The answer is: Almost definitely. In this video Insight I wrap up this presentation from NAB 2012 by showing solid strategies that will help you work more quickly, including:

• Moving off your mouse and onto a control surface

• Developing a color correction workflow

• Turning workflows into habits and muscle memory

• Experiment—but be ruthless with your time

Some of the strategies I talk about cost you nothing to implement… except the willingness to do so. Others will require a financial investment. But if you either want to be full-time colorist or just have color correction as a serious speciality, the investment easily pays itself off.

I hope this series helped organize your thoughts about your color correction workflow

This presentation is one of my favorites. And for the past few years it has languished on my hard drive. I’m psyched that it occurred to me to share it with you, here. These concepts helped me elevate my career. With diligence and intention on your part, I think they can do the same for you.

As always, comments and questions are very welcomed!

– pat

How to Get Faster at Color Correction

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