Hard Clips in DaVinci Resolve - ML0153

Hard Clipping in DaVinci Resolve

March 29, 2014

Learn how Hard Clipping in DaVinci Resolve can help you legalize your video for Broadcast. And the dangers of using it indiscriminately.


Broadcast Legalization Part 5: Hard Clipping in DaVinci Resolve

In Part 4 we looked at several strategies for dealing with over-satured images and to help reduce the possibility of generating below-zero RGB gamut excursions (using Resolve’s Soft Clip tool).

In this Insight we’re going to examine my strategy for legalizing at the timeline level in DaVinci Resovle. We have to do this differently than in Premiere Pro CC or SpeedGrade CC, since there is no filter or checkbox for automatic legalization. Instead, we have to take a DIY approach.

DIY Part 2: Legalizing the Timeline in DaVinci Resolve

In this Insight you’ll learn how to use Hard Clipping in DaVinci Resolve to automatically clip momentary specular highlights (that you may miss by eye) and clip our deepest shadows (to help reduce the chance for below-zero RGB gamut excursions).

You’ll also see how using ANY clipping – hard or soft – is a destructive operation and why they shouldn’t be used in the middle of your Node Tree.

Hard Clips in DaVinci Resolve - ML0153

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