16 mm style

Behind The Curtain – 16mm Style Grade Part Three

January 7, 2019

Dan is back in part three of his unfiltered look at a recent grade. In this part we take a look at matching the externals in this 16mm style

Day 7: 25 Insights in 25 Days 2019 New Year Marathon!

Dan Unfiltered: Start To Finish 16mm Style Grade

In part three of this 16mm style grade, we jump right back in where I left off.

In this part, we take a look at starting our second pass on the opening section and starting to push all the external shots into a similar look and feel.

The main focus at this stage is on the skies and the skin tone.

Once those match up across the shots we should have a consistent feel and then on the third pass we can match up the finer details.

I’ve picked up the speed in this part to try and squeeze as much real-time grading into a single Insight.

I’m also using my mini panel again so hopefully what I’m doing is nice and clear as I did my best to both describe my thought process and the buttons I was pushing.

A final bonus is my go to method of using a blending mode to overlay the red on top of itself to boost the reds to a rich eye catching level.

Comments Please!

I’m always extra excited to hear comments on these Insights as I can make sure to cover any questions in the next part.


16 mm style

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