Using LUTs in Adobe Photoshop: Applying Grades To Still Images

Using LUTs in Adobe Photoshop: Applying Grades To Still Images

June 2, 2013

Learn how to use a color correction exported as a LUT and use it in Photoshop. Plus—a small caveat in this workflow (about how Photoshop applies LUTs).

Can you use pre-built LUTs in Adobe Photoshop (with still images)?

Applying LUTs in Photoshop? Yep, you can easily apply Look Up Tables to stills, graphics or any other layer in Photoshop – either directly to the layer or as a true adjustment layer. This workflow is amazingly powerful and the best part is – that its so easy to apply LUTs to speed up look creation in Photoshop.

In this article, I’ll show you how to use a grade exported as a LUT or a Look from a grading application like Resolve or SpeedGrade directly in Photoshop and I’ll also show you a small caveat in this workflow about how Photoshop applies LUTs.

This is a cool workflow and exciting one for print, web and any other still workflow, where you want to borrow the look from a video grading session and apply it to other materials.

– Robbie

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