How to Setup Speedgrade CS6 for Stereo 3D Color Correction

How to Setup Speedgrade CS6 for Stereo 3D Color Correction

March 30, 2013

Learn the essentials of the 3D workflow in SpeedGrade CS 6 - from organizing footage to auto-aligning eyes and rippling grades between the video streams.

Setting up Speedgrade for 3D

Over the past few years stereoscopic 3D (S3D for short) has been everywhere!  Tons of movies are being released in stereo and almost every modern LCD, Plasma, or LED TV has 3D capability.  Sure, some people love S3D others hate it and think its a fad.  I don’t want to debate the merits of 3D but I do think its a skill set that colorists need to start learning.  

The video in this Insight shows you the essentials of the stereo workflow in Adobe SpeedGrade CS 6 -from organizing footage and loading it SpeedGrade to automatically aligning left and right eyes and rippling grades between the two video streams. I’m in love with the stereo workflow in SpeedGrade because its so simple and straight forward.

The shot used in this video comes from my friends & clients at Conservation International who travel the world shooting beautiful imagery including stereo footage.  I’ve had the pleasure of grading their projects and partly because of their beautiful stereo footage I’ve embraced 3D.

While this article covers the essentials of the workflow in future articles we’ll get more into more advanced 3D techniques in SpeedGrade like setting depth, using floating windows to control the stereo plane and rendering S3D content.  


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