Premiere Pro Adjustment Layers: Applying A Look To An Entire Scene

Premiere Pro Adjustment Layers: Applying A Look To An Entire Scene

March 30, 2013

Adjustment layers can be used for many things—a favorite is color correcting and applying a Look to a few shots, a scene or an entire timeline.

Using Adjustment Layers for Color Grading

A brilliant feature in Adobe Premiere Pro is adjustment layers.  While adjustment layers can be used for a multitude of things, one of my favorite ways to you use them is for grading a scene, a collection of clips or even an entire project.  Adjustment layers work by effecting what’s underneath them, but the best part is that they can be trimmed to suit the duration that you need.

In other words, when creating a unified look you can use an adjustment layer over an entire scene without having to go to each clip and tweak its color.   The other cool thing is, you can create as many adjustment layers as you want.  I’ll often use different adjustment layers to version out different looks that I’m building for a client.  I simply enable/disable the adjustment layer track as needed.

I think you’ll find adjustment layers are a powerful tool – just keep in mind they’re not just limited to color correction you can do things like add blurs, composite/transfer modes and any other effect you want since they act just like any other clip. 


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