How to Simulate Depth of Field for Filmic Images: The Theory

How to Simulate Depth of Field for Filmic Images: The Theory

March 29, 2013

How do you simulate depth of field in video? This is the first in a series of tutorials on helping your images feel more 'filmic'.


How to Simulate Depth of Field: The Theory

Adding Depth to images is the number one skill I learned as I entered the world of commercial grading. I was suddenly thrusted into a world where I have 6 hours to work on just 2 minutes worth of footage. What do you do with all this time? 

Add Depth. Sure you can color correct 2 minutes of footage in less than an hour but how do you make it pop?

How do you give the image the extra 20% that takes it from nice to mind blowing and offer the surreal dream feel of most commercials?

In this insight I’ll be showing you the basics of what we do. I talk about dodging and burning, sharpening and blurring and how I look at an image for the first time.

I think new users and old hands alike will find this interesting and the best news is there will be another two parts on this concept coming very soon!



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