Creatively Manipulating Node-Based Color Space and Gamma Tags

June 16, 2023

Learn colorist Cullen Kelly’s favorite uses for node-based Color Space and Gamma context menus available within individual nodes in Resolve.

Experimenting With Alternative Image Processing Options

The Color Space, Gamma, and Channels context menus are easy to overlook, but they have tons to offer, allowing us, with a single click to:

  1. Move into another color space and/or gamma curve
  2. Apply an adjustment in that space
  3. Isolate that adjustment to a single channel
  4. Move back into our original working space color space + gamma curve.

This ability to quickly and easily move between color spaces creates many creative possibilities for colorists.

Learn the creative uses for the Color Space, Gamma, and Channels contextual menu items.
In this Insight, learn the creative uses for the Color Space, Gamma, and Channels contextual menu items.

Key takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight, you should understand:

  • How to set up your project to get predictable behavior from the Color Space and Gamma menus
  • Why you might want to move into a different log curve such as ACEScc solely for the sake of ‘feel’
  • The rules and benefits of working in a linear gamma curve
  • How to use LAB to get a “Y-only” style contrast adjustment

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– Cullen

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