New Little Features Packing A Punch In DaVinci Resolve 18.1

November 15, 2022

DaVinci Resolve 18.1 is a feature-rich update. Colorist and finisher Joey D'Anna offers his list of impactful features - that aren't obvious.

Resolve 18.1 highlights that Power Users need to know

Resolve 18.1 is the first major feature update to Resolve 18, and as usual, BMD has dropped some incredible, big headline-grabbing features. But they’ve also added dozens of smaller improvements you may not know about!

In this Insight – that’s what we’ll be focusing on, how to use some hidden gems that I found from the release notes. These new features allow you to work faster and more efficiently.

Key takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight, you should understand:

  • Performance improvements for fixed node structures & debayering
  • How to Copy/Paste multiple projects and folders between databases
  • Big Speed Editor improvements on the Edit page
  • New Track and Marker indexes for managing the timeline on the Edit page
  • New view menu layout on the Color page
  • A new warning to protect yourself from making big errors while color grading!
  • Middle-click scroll in the Color page’s thumbnail timeline
  • Filtering by object mask
  • Improvements to ResolveFX alpha usage

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– Joey

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    • Jim Robinson

      What we need in here is a “Like” or “Love” button. Great information packed into this insight explaining all these new changes. Which ironically watching this video will save us time.
      Thanks a lot Joe, looking forward to part two of your new series as well.
      After watching the first one, I was wishing it was like Netflix, where it would go to the next episode.

    • Marc Wielage

      Oh, yeah, the warning about “Replace Existing Grades?” is worth the price of admission alone. Great work as usual, Joey!

      • Joey D’Anna

        Thanks! Yea I found it by accident actually, and the first time it came up I immediately thought  “oh this is going to save my bacon at least once, I absolutely guarantee it”

      • Guillem V

        I find this warning such a drawback. I am a professional, I know what I’m doing.
        I hate having to take my pointer and click (can’t use the keyboard to confirm) every time i apply a grade to many clips.
        And the selection is lost after applying them! What if i wanted to try many options? I have to select again…
        If I screwed it I’d rather go back to a 10 minutes ago backup, instead of being constantly asked if i know what I’m doing…
        There should be a way to turn this warning off.

    • Willian Aleman

      Joey, thank you for the detailed insight.
      Do the OFX plugins in DaVinci Resolve Studio 17/18 been extended to more than three pages in BMD Mini Panel?
      In the previous version, the OFX interface in the Mini Panel was limited to three pages, making the navigation of some parameters unreachable with the interface.

      • Patrick Inhofer

        They still seem limited to three pages. I’m not as bothered by that limitation since there’s no way I’m paging through 6 screens to bounce around and make tweaks.

        I’m not a fan of how the Mini panel handles the bigger plug-ins. The rotary knobs for pull-down lists are super-annoying. It’s not clear what submenu many of the items are controlling. Although the push-button ‘enable’ buttons are handy quick keys, often the ‘enable’ button doesn’t say what specific parameter it’s enabling. You have to look at the UI while toggling to figure it out, so it’s quicker to use the mouse.

        On smaller plugins where everything fits on one or two menus, those are the ones where I tend to use the panel controls. Otherwise, I’m spending more time navigating and hunting/pecking than getting work done. I use the mouse in those situations.

        On bigger plugins, unless I’m on it several times a day, it’s just not worth it for me to use the panel.

        • Willian Aleman

          Patrick, thank you for the detailed response. It helps to know those limitations.

    • Stephen Nadeau

      This is great. Thanks, Joey!

    • andi winter

      this insight alone justifies the abo! love this – great timesavers…

    • Andrew H

      Great to learn the other places where the middle click works. I hadn’t used it outside of the node tree.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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