Leverage The Power of Resolve 18’s New Magic Mask ‘Object Tracker’

June 21, 2022

New in Resolve 18 is the ‘object tracker mode’ in Magic Mask. Learn to use it for color grading and advanced blurring workflows.

A closer look at the new-fangled power of Resolve’s Magic Mask ResolveFX

The object tracker in magic mask is an exciting new feature in Resolve 18. It greatly expands magic mask’s usability. Instead of being limited to people – magic mask can now be used to automatically isolate, track and mask almost any object.

This makes what would normally be complex rotoscoping jobs for selective color grading much easier. It’s also incredibly useful for isolating foreground objects – for occluding them from corrections or blurs.

In this insight – you’ll learn how to use the new mode, and my best practices to get good results.

Key Take-aways in this Insight:

  • Best practices for where to place the Magic Mask in your node tree
  • Best practices for how to draw strokes and track objects
  • How to pick a good starting point
  • Using object tracked masks for color grading
  • Using object tracker to limit other effects like blurs when occlusion of a foreground object is needed.

– Joey

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Homepage Forums Leverage The Power of Resolve 18’s New Magic Mask ‘Object Tracker’

  • I haven’t followed the magic mask too closely since I did my Resolve 17 recertification. Has there been any introduction of mask caching or general improvements? Even on my RTX2070 the magic mask would rev up my tower fans.

    • Patrick Inhofer

      Arthur – I believe optimizations were made specifically for the M1 Macs. And some general optimizations were made to speed up Magic Mask. It’s faster than in R17. But it’s still a resource hog, which is the downside of this plugin and should be tested before adopting it as a regular tool in your toolbox.

  • Qiang Tang

    Very good demonstration with the license plate example. Indeed a very nice garbage masking tool.

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