A Conversation With Senior Colourist Vincent Taylor CSI

February 10, 2023

We're happy to introduce our newest Contributor, colorist Kali Bateman. She's relaunching our interview series. Starting with Vincent Taylor.


Editor’s Note: Mixing Light is extremely pleased to welcome Colorist Kali Bateman to our team of Contributors. She begins by leading our re-launch of the Mixing Light Interview series, available in audio through our public podcast feed and in video format for active Mixing Light members. Kali is an accomplished colorist currently based in Australia, with notable credits, including the visually compelling feature film Elvis. You can find more information about Kali on her Mixing Light Author page.

Mixing Light Interview Series: Vincent Taylor CSI, Senior Colourist, Harbor Picture Company

Vincent Taylor is a senior colourist at Harbor Picture Company, with decades of experience on multiple continents. Kali Bateman speaks with Vincent about moving from high-end short form to long form, and they dig into Vincent’s grade for the series “Tiger King, Season 2”.

In this interview Vincent shares:

  • The life of a freelance colourist and how he was lured to working as a staff colourist
  • The differences between colouring longform and shortform both in colourist process and external career perception.
  • The different session dynamics with different kinds of clients.
  • The importance of teamwork and collaboration in the colour team.
  • The challenges of moving a career from short-form to long-form.
  • His experience bouncing between Baselight and Resolve
  • The DolbyVision treatment of Tiger King season 2

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Did you enjoy this interview? Let me know! I’m curious if you found this helpful, if you have something to add, or if you have more questions you’d like me to ask of professional colorists in the future?

– Kali


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  • Chris Coote

    Great interview!

  • Thanks Chris!

  • Thanks for this Kali – it was great fun to chat with you!

    • Vincent, you are an absolute delight. Thank YOU!

  • Tony Salgado

    Kali and Vincent,

    Absolutely loved the interview style, warmth and down to earth approach on how to deal with difficult client interactions. I sincerely look forward to additional interviews in this series. Kali consider an interview with Billy Hobson another talented senior colorist at Harbor, Santa Monica.

    Tony Salgado

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