Selected Skills
  • Color Management
  • Conform
  • Finishing/Delivery
What I Do
  • Broadcast/Web Scripted Long Form
  • Commercials
  • Feature Documentary
  • Feature Narrative

Kali Bateman is one of Australia’s premier colourist talents and owns and operates a boutique color grading studio in Brisbane, Australia. Kali has developed a reputation for impressive work through a career spanning a decade, multiple continents, and tentpole features and episodic content. Through collaboration with Directors and DOPs, Kali brings a unique mood to each project. She recently had the pleasure of working with director Baz Luhrmann on ‘Elvis’.

During Kali’s time with DNEG, Vancouver Kali delivered VFX colour for a slate of features including, Dune, Wonder Woman 1984, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. With a state-of-the-art purpose-built studio, Kali is available in-studio, via remote color grading sessions, and for booking at post facilities.

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