Analysing Your Footage : Pieces To Camera

Analysing Your Footage : Pieces To Camera

January 20, 2014

Get the most out of your 'Pieces To Camera' (on-camera Stand-Ups) using power windows and curves on footage that needs to look normal.

Analysing Your Footage : Pieces To Camera

I┬áreceived lots of positive feedback to my last insight which was based on breaking down a shot and sharing with you guys how I would approach it so I thought I’d do another one!

The Shot

In this insight I’m focusing on grading a piece to camera. The main thought I had when approaching this shot was anything where the presenter is speaking directly into the lens is rooted in reality so no purple shadows or crazy grades from me! The most difficult part about doing a documentary or corporate style grade for me has been getting the wow factor from clients. When I’m in music video land we can go so crazy its easier to impress them where in a situation like this its all about refining the natural look and leading the viewers eye to the presenter.

The Look

I went for a fairly traditional grade while trying to add a little extra where possible. The main look is provided by the push pull of warmth and coolness and then adding the filmic type curve. I use power windows to lead your eye and also to get as much detail as possible in the sky.

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– Dan

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