The Double Side Technique

Double Side Technique: Complementary Color On Both Sides Of The Frame

February 17, 2014

Learn how the Double Side Technique can help you to create more dynamic color corrections on flat or boring shots. This simple technique can generate multitudes of stylized Looks.


Getting Aggressive With Complementary Colors

Way, way back in Insight 014 (from when we launched Mixing Light) you learned a technique that a client of mine who is a classical painter introduced me to: The 3 Band Technique. Essentially this technique uses three separate linear Power Windows in DaVinci Resolve to create three bands of tonality in the image.

By using the 3 Band Technique you can quickly make a flat and otherwise dull image more exciting and more dynamic.

I use the 3 Band Technique mainly for creating zones of localized contrast, but there are times when I want to be more aggressive with color.  Enter the Double Side Technique – a close cousin of the 3 Band Technique.

Double Up For A Heavily Stylized Approach

So what is the Double Side Technique?  Essentially its using 2 overlapping Power Windows on either side of the frame with each window pushed to a strong, but complementary color cast compared to the opposite side.

You can think of the Double Side Technique as being a duo tone look, but I also think its a great starting point for more stylized Instagram type looks.

Couple the Double Side Technique with more traditional grading approaches like edge vignettes, and flares you can quickly develop a super stylized look that with just a couple variations to color of each side of the shot, or positioning of the windows gives you 3, 4 or even more looks to add to your Look Library.

Check out the Insight video to see how I developed one variation of the Double Side Technique.

Got Questions?

Something not make sense? Got other variations of this approach you’d like to share? Go ahead and use the comments down below the video!

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