Nominations 2017

British Arrows Best Colorist Nominations 2017

May 19, 2017

Dan Moran shares his thoughts on the best commercial color grade nominations 2016. Top work from excellent colorists are great sources of ideas.


Get inspired or find a creative spark from top colorists

The most prestigious grading awards here in the UK has just announced it’s Best Colorist Nominations 2017. The nominations are for commercial grading and this year the grades are surprisingly varied.

I actually didn’t enter this year as I felt like I didn’t have a job up to the standard. It’s a tough thing to admit but when you see the entries below you’ll probably feel the same way I did!

I’d love if you could vote for your favourite commercial below in the comments as I’d love to do a follow-up insight where we break the look down and I’ll share my technique on achieving a similar look on your own projects.

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6 thoughts on “British Arrows Best Colorist Nominations 2017”

  1. Hard to tell.
    I totaly agree with you about the huge difficulty of the look of Britalia. I’d really love to watch an insight by you about that.
    I can also think, as you pointed out, about the amount of work behind the Haig Clubman ad. The continuity is straight perfect.
    Speaking of wanderful images I was struck by the final close up in the night of John Malkovich walking. The skin tone, the overall colors and the black level are so amazingly good, even in such a dark scene.
    I’d like also to mention the look of the Civic adv. It’s somenting you’ll never expect in a car Ad, but It just works and it makes the red of the Civic pop up against the overall ambient. It’s such a creative look.

    Here my overall favorite: The Burbery Festive Film. It’s in between a Filmic and a Tv look at the same time. There’s a specific look for every location.
    I especially loved a close up occuring at 2:46 where the face of the talent stands out in saturation and contrast without being too noticiable. Huge work, perfectly done.

    Thanks Dan for this insight, it was so inspirational.

    1. Forgot to mention the Havana Club 7 years advertising. For me that is the best look, thinknig about it conveys the style of the advertised product.

  2. I absolutely love the look on squarespace and expedia.

    I was wondering and maybe someone can answer this to me:

    I keep seeing the same names year after years, I know thoise ones are the best colorist out there.
    My question is, to enter this award, can the colorist do it by itself, if he thinks that his work is good enough, or is it the production company, or the post house that has to do it.

    What are the rules to enter this kind of awards?

  3. I gotta go with James Bamford’s Burberry grades – so many contrasts. The commercial plays like a feature, but holds together throughout. I also really like Tom Poole’s work on the Squarespace piece. However, the MailChimp piece is totally original and the color palette is amazing, as is the nearly creepy make-up and beauty work.

  4. Just back from the awards this evening. George K took Gold for Honda and Jean Clement took silver for Brittalia. Not want I expected! Shows how you can never predict how people judge grades

    1. Dan, thanks for insight.
      Motivated by the surprise of the winners in this competition, it would be interesting to have an insight explaining what is the procedure and criteria a jury takes in consideration to proclaim the winners in this type of competition.

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