Colorist Podcast Episode 004: Mark Todd Osborne

September 15, 2016

In Episode 4 of the Colorist Podcast Josh talks to well-known freelance colorist Mark Todd Osborne about his work & many interesting subjects


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Colorist Podcast Episode 004

In this episode, I talk with Mark Todd Osborne, a colorist in Los Angeles with over 18 years of experience. He has worked on films like Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, Bad Boys II, Hugo, Need for Speed, as well as many commercials and music videos.

Mark got his start at Company 3 and spent 11 years there working with top colorists Sefan Sonnefeld, Dave Hussey, and Mike Pethel.

He also spent some time at Cameron | Pace, working on stereoscopic projects on Quantel Pablo.

What’s most impressive about Mark’s career is ability to work in many different genres. Working in commercials, television, cinema, music videos, and even video games has been part of his successful career.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • The challenges and benefits of being a freelance colorist
  • Using social media and how it impacts getting booked on jobs
  • Demo reels and the strategy behind them
  • Other colorist’s work that has inspired him
  • Working on your own system vs working at a facility
  • How grading on other systems can effect how you color
  • Doing VFX and roto during color sessions
  • Advice for new colorists
  • Where the business of color grading is going next

Mark Todd Osborne’s Website

Mark’s IMDB Page

Follow Mark On Twitter

Enjoy the podcast!



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