Color Grading with the ResolveFX Lens Flare Plug-in

September 17, 2016

Dan shares his experimentation with the idea of grading using lens flares for subtle lighting effects to help match and lift scenes.

Can you use the built-in Lens Flares to add to your color grade?

In this Insight, we take a look at the built-in Lens Flares in the Resolve FX. On the first impression, it seems quite an obvious tool. But with some refining and experimentation, a Lens Flare can add depth that is not achievable using a regular power window and grade.

Grading With Light

I had a session this week where I had a difficult match between one shot that had a massive in-camera lens flare and had one shot that was flat and dull with no lens flare.

I tried using the lens flare fx included in Resolve almost for fun and was blown away by how quick and intuitive it was to use flares to grade.

I also show how to use the single point tracker in Resolve to help make the lens flare feel embedded in the scene properly.

Most people have never tried or used the single point tracker but it’s essential when using flares for creative grading.

I share my methods in the video insight below but before watching I strongly recommend updating to Resolve 12.5.2.

They just updated the Lens Flare to be GPU accelerated and it makes a HUGE difference in the ease of use.

You can get the update here.

If you’ve got any questions, be sure to leave a comment!


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Homepage Forums Color Grading with the ResolveFX Lens Flare Plug-in

  • Wrong Video for the article Dan!

  • Dan Moran

    Sorry about that! Just updated the video for you. Thanks for spotting it!

  • Scott Stacy

    I’ve been working with this plug-in and Lens Blur in a music video and find both really amazing. The pointer tracking is great once you get the hang of it. Thanks!

  • I’ve been loving the ResolveFX as well. Awesome insight, Dan! Looking forward to more in this series.

  • Marc Wielage

    Terrific job, Dan. I just grabbed Light Rays in desperation for a feature I did last month, and damned if I wasn’t able to track some “car headlights” into a shot. The flares are not as tweaky as Sapphire or Boris, but still quite useful and sometimes faster.

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