Narrative Grading - Setting A Time Period

Narrative Grading – Setting A Time Period

May 21, 2014

Have you ever had to build a look that helps put a shot into a certain era? Learn how to approach this challenge - and download a 6K RED Dragon shot to give it a shot and share with us.


Narrative Grading – Setting A Time Period

Lets dive back into the world of colorist circuit training and how to push ourselves, becoming better colorists. Let’s take a look at the world of narrative grading.

As a commercial colorist my main goal on a job is to make everything look as good as possible. We don’t have to think about major story lines, time of day, continuity  or even what year the commercial is taking place. We can do what ever we’d like as long as it looks good and sells product!

I jump into the world of short films quite frequently and when I do I find that it feels like I have an extra client in the room. The narrative is almost an additional client that we need to think about when building looks.

How does this scene fit into the Story? That’s always my first thought when I land on a new shot in a scene. I find as a colorist it’s my job to find as many holes as possible when building the look so that we know that by the time we finish the grade we have thought about “everything” or hopefully at least most things.

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