Narrative Color Correction – Time Of Day

Narrative Color Correction – Time Of Day

June 4, 2014

In this insight dan takes you through a journey of setting the time of day in a scene. The flow of the story is key when setting a time.


Narrative Grading – Time Of Day

Next in my colorist circuit training series focuses on the time of day. Lets get your colorist brain in gear and get the creative juices flowing. Setting the time of day is something we take for granted but knowing what makes viewers subconsciously think of certain times of day is an essential skill. It can range from simple things like color temperature and brightness to complex things like using windows to create longer shadows and lens flares.

I’d like you all to follow my usual pattern of pushing your self and start with broader grades and then refine it down to the very very specific.

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Homepage Forums Narrative Color Correction – Time Of Day

  • Very nice insight Dan ! These little variations from the same clip can bring a lot to the story. For my knowledge, were you able to change the mood for each variation in a single node, or several nodes were needed from one to another ? Thanks.

  • Dan Moran

    Hey Christophe!

    I like to split a lot of my decisions into multiple nodes. So for example if I was changing it from day time to night time I would try and do the contrast change in one node and then add the blue colour balance in a 2nd node. This is just personal preference as I love having things separated out like that so if my client says I like the colour but its too dark I can jump back to that node and by-pass or adjust it quickly.

    It’s all about what works best for you though!

  • That makes total sense to me Dan, thank you! Moreover, with the new R11 grouping clips behavior, I feel that this strategy to split grades into multiple nodes will be really worth it for keeping precise control on several clips at once.

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