Blurred/Glowing Highlights – A Straightforward Approach

Blurred/Glowing Highlights – A Straightforward Approach

May 17, 2014

Learn how to quickly create a blurred or glowing highlights look using DaVinci Resolve

A Quick Recipe For Blurred Or Glowing Highlights

Every so often a client will request a dream look or a flashback look.

While of course up to interpretation about what that actually means, one of my go-to techniques (at least to start with) for that request is the blown-out and blurred or glowing highlight look.

This technique is often overused, but there will come a day when you need to quickly create it.

So in this Insight, I thought I’d share how I go about creating this look.

Select, Blow Out, Mist

While there are quite a few techniques for creating the blurred or glowing highlights look, I think I use this simple recipe most often:

  • Isolate the highlights with a Luma only qualifier
  • Use Gain and Gamma controls to blow out that selection – this will make the selection “glow” a little bit all by itself
  • Use the Mist Controls in Resolve to add a blur and enhance the glowing look.
  • After you’ve done these steps you can tweak the look in a couple of different places including with your qualified selection or with the mix parameter found within the Mist Controls – this gives you a lot of flexibility.

Hopefully, this Insight movie gives a way of quickly creating this look when you need it!

– Robbie

P.S. A big thanks to Mike Kravinsky the Director/Producer of the film Geographically Desirable – for the shot.  I’ve just completed grading this film and Mike is a great talent and the film is really fun too!

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