Delivery Tips for Remote Sessions and DaVinci Resolve Trainers

September 30, 2022

When it’s time to share your Resolve User Interface with a remote client or classroom, a few simple tips and optimizations can win the day!

How to record or stream your color grading/editing user interface

Giving presentations can be daunting. This is especially true for post-production professionals who may spend lots of time within their own thoughts. But when it’s time to share your User Interface with a client or classroom, a few simple software tips and optimizations can make teaching and presenting more comfortable for everyone.

Giving a good presentation for class or to clients

When I think about how to present my computer screen for others to follow along, I’m usually manipulating these important elements:

  • Screen Resolution – What’s the best screen size and what are the tradeoffs?
  • Affordable webcams – Replace the laptops camera with an easy upgrade that’s impactful.
  • Live Transcriptions – This helps maintain attention and works in PowerPoint, Zoom, and – soon – macOS
  • Zoom to record lectures – You can repurpose these very easily.
  • Annotation software such as Epic Pen – Helps your audience see what you’re manipulating and drive home key points.

Key take-away points

After watching this Insight, you should:

  1. Be conscious of screen resolution and audience viewing capabilities when delivering online learning or remote presentations of your User Interface.
  2. Understand how enhancing presentations with visual aides such as power point templates, live transcriptions, and live annotations can really make a difference for the viewer.

Links to products mentioned in this Insight

Do you have any favorite tools/tips for sharing your User Interface?

Use the comments to share any of your favorite apps, tips, or tricks for sharing your screens or presenting to remote audiences.

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