How to Work with Arri Alexa Footage in Premiere and SpeedGrade

How to Work with Arri Alexa Footage in Premiere and SpeedGrade

May 6, 2013

Are you working with Arri Alexa Footage in Premiere Pro or SpeedGrade? This tutorial will walk you through the workflow.

Sharing SpeedGrade corrections inside Premiere Pro

Arri Alexa has become one of the most widely used cameras in the video production market.  From high-end feature films like Skyfall to episodic TV and commercials – Arri Alexa footage is everywhere.

When productions shoot with the Alexa, they usually shoot LOG to preserve the most dynamic range data possible.

The end result? Images look flat, desaturated and just wrong – which leads to clients saying things like – why does it look so bad??

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could easily solve this problem? If you with Premiere Pro it’s easy to “normalize” Arri Alexa footage so that it looks ‘correct’.

In this Insight, I’ll show you how to work with Arri RAW files and access the new Arri Raw processing capabilities within Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

In the process, I’ll also show you a cool new workflow involving Adobe SpeedGrade CC and Premiere Pro CC that lets you apply looks developed in SpeedGrade directly to footage in Premiere Pro.

In this article, I’ll use that functionality to apply a LOG C > REC 709 LUT to an Apple ProRes clip recorded on the Arri Alexa with their LogC profile.

– Robbie

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    • Jerome Thelia

      Hi, great tutorial! Unfortunately the lumetri effect in Premiere Pro seems to have disappeared… I’m about to embark on an Alexa log c project in Premiere and need it soon! Any idea where it went… searched Adobe Labs, googled and no love. Thanks

    • Patrick Inhofer


      The Lumetri Effect is a Premiere Pro CC feature, which will be released in the middle of June. It’s not available for Premiere Pro CS 6.

    • RobbieCarman

      Hey Jerome – Yeah sorry I thought I mentioned that in the video. The Lumetri work flow will only work in Premiere CC/SpeedGrade CC those should be out as Pat points out in a couple weeks.

      Just sharing some info a bit early!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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