Advanced Windows

Advanced Windows – Multiple Windows & Tracking

October 6, 2014

Using multiple windows and tracking them into your scene gives you total control of your image and allows you to build powerful looks.


Advanced Windows – Multiple Windows & Tracking

In this insight we’re taking a look at working with multiple windows and tracking them into the scene seamlessly.

This insight was inspired by a great comment by Ian over on the Smirnoff breakdown insight.

Please keep suggesting as I love getting feedback from you all!

Using multiple windows gives us the power to work with localised contrast which I speak about a lot but it really is the key to getting the best out of your image.

We first take a look at my window placement in the Smirnoff ad in photoshop and then jump into Resolve to put the theory into action.

I got a little carried away having fun with this insight and it ended up being one of my longest so far.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it!

– Dan

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