Stills Beauty Techniques

Advanced Beauty Grading: Applying Stills Techniques To Video

May 13, 2015

In this insight I borrow my Stills Techniques and try and apply them to my video work. The standard is very high and the results are amazing


Welcome back to almost the grand finale of my series on beauty grading!

In the last insight, we took a look at how I re-touch my beauty photography and my stills techniques and it got me thinking that I’d love to be able to emulate such a flawless beauty grade in Resolve so here we are!

In this part of the insight, I focus on establishing the groundwork for the cloning and texture repair. This most time-consuming part but also the most important.

I share a few techniques and ideas on how to make this process a lot easier and how to get better results.

In the next part of this insight, we will be taking the image to its final stage and then doing a side by side comparison of a traditional video beauty grade and then compare it to the advanced stills level of work.

You can find the footage here on John Brawley’s website if you’d like to try your self also!

– Dan

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