Dirty Looks – Extreme Warmth

May 27, 2016

Sometimes projects call out for extreme warmth to help backup the story. Shows like breaking bad show that going to the extreme like in the desert pay off.


Dirty Looks

Extreme Warmth

I thought I’d kick off a new series of insights called dirty looks.

These are looks that are not necessarily eye candy but are essential to our role’s as colorists.

If my clients as for a job to me turned into b&w and then add a massive magenta cast I will do it!

I always try and add my input to the job and also bring my game even to looks I don’t like.

Expect this series to be full of fun, random and sometimes a little insane looks that have been requested in my suite!

Warm Warm Warm!!!

At the moment my life feels like a tanning salon operator.

Every clients wants everything warm, saturated and sunny and it’s breaking my heart!

7 out of 10 jobs have the wrong weather and send me references of a LA sunset.

I obviously always try my best at every job but sometimes it’s downright impossible!

This insight is both about why warm doesn’t always work and my approach to adding crazy levels of warmth to a shot.

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