Shot Matching Commercial

Shot Matching – Commercial Case Study

March 1, 2016
Dan Moran C.S.I.

Dan shares a job from his grading suite as a commercial case study in shot matching

Shot Matching – Commercial Case Study

I’m a huge believer in sharing any work that I can so I’ve dug out a great commercial that I worked on for a commercial case study on shot matching

The hardest part about learning how to shot match is first and foremost knowing whats wrong with the image in the first place!

With that in mind I thought instead of diving right into matching black levels I’d add an extra insight that focuses on a job that I have matched

I have the before and afters of a commercial I graded just before the holidays this year.

It has pretty much every kind of issue that you see on a daily basis from time of day changes to matching purchased stock footage to pristine Alexa raw footage.

I’d love to know your thoughts on how long you think this grade took me.

The main reason I ask is I always try and emphasise that shot matching is the most time consuming part of a grade.

If people didn’t get so bored shot matching a lot more projects would look a million times better.

That’s good news for us though…it keeps us in a job!!



Shot Matching Commercial

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  • VitusSoska

    Just found a Plug-In, which enables DaVinci to show False Color. I’m new to using False Color to match clips, but I see big potential in this method to adjust conrast levels. If you already have a Flanders Monitor which has False Color built in you don’t need this Plug-In.