Shot Matching – Match My Shot Pt 2

April 16, 2016

Dan shares his node breakdown from his match my shot challenge including a downloadable Resolve project


Lots of you tried matching my shot and Andreas got very very close!

I have to confess that I purposely made that grade as tricky and twisted as possible. I used lots of techniques to put tints in certain areas and then pull them back in others. The reason I did this is was to show how we all think differently.

Let’s jump into the shot below and I’ll explain what and why I did it! Premium members, you can download my DRX and export of my final grade for your reference in the Additional Downloads section.

The Grade

I graded this shot on my system in a natural way so please excuse the mess! Make sure your RAW settings match mine for this clip

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 08.13.32

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    • Marc Wielage

      Good work, Dan, and I appreciate the thought process behind it. I agree that simplicity is the goal, but with a client in the room, sometimes it’s all we can do just to keep the ball up in the air for the length of the session. As long as they leave happy, the methods don’t matter.

    • I started matching your shot and got it close, but gave up thinking you would not use that many secondaries. I guess I was wrong.

    • Marc L

      Even if this post is nearly 6 years old the link to the dropbox can be removed or have to adjusted as the file isn´t longer valid. Cheers Marc

Viewing 2 reply threads
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