Tales From The Grading Suite – DP Colorist Communications

October 12, 2015

Have you ever wondered what it's like to speak to a DP before a job is shot? Dan shares a real world discussion on a tricky job.


Tales From The Grading Suite –┬áDP Colorist Communications

Since you all enjoyed my last post so much I thought I’d go back to back with tales from my grading suite.

I don’t want this to become a regular rant about my current hates in the world of grading so this time I’ll be focusing on a positive area!

It is not often that I get to speak to the DOP before the shoot and discuss both the look and technical aspects so I thought it would be great to share!

The job is shooting this week with a friend called Tom so hopefully I’ll be able to follow up with another tale from the grading suite when it is released!

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    • Jason Bowdach

      Great insight! a Lot to think about. Wish the all the DPs i worked with planned this well!.

      My question is about his question about film stock and how you handled that, even with the previous grade? There is so much variation to how Kodak 5219 can look, so Im curious how you best find what qualities they like when they mention a particular film stock. Do you refer to other projects shot on that stock and mimic it? I feel this is especially important skill for working with film-centric DPs who really like a specific Kodak or Fuji stock and want those qualities from a digital source.

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